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Paoli Wheel Guns DP5000-Bias United Race Parts

‚ÄčThe DP5000-Bias is an evolution on the ground breaking DP4000-Bias. The DP5000-Bias incorporates the newest Titanium motor design into a bias package which offers a LH and RH gun all in one. With the bias lever design you can have LH and RH gun in the same pit stop with the flip of a lever! Find out why all the top IMSA teams are relying on United Race Parts and the DP5000-Bias

  • Carbon Bias Lever
  • Carbon Peek Vanes
  • Carbon or Aluminum Clutch cover
  • Titanium motor design
  • 14,500rpm at 350psi
  • 7.5lbs
  • Max Pressure 350psi