Team Penske Pit Stop Competition Paoli Wheel Guns
Paoli Wheel Guns DP5000 United Race Parts


‚ÄčThe DP5000-Ti pioneered the use of titanium motor components. It was instantly well received with race teams for the speed in which it achieved max rpm. Used by a majority of the Indycar field the DP5000-Ti is the winner of the 2015 & 2016 Pit stop challenge. 

  • Carbon Peek Vanes
  • Carbon or Aluminum Clutch cover
  • New Titanium motor design
  • Available in LH, RH or UH
  • 14,500rpm at 350psi
  • 7.5lbs
  • Max Pressure 350psi
Andretti Pit Stop Competition Paoli Wheel Guns