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Troutman, NC 28166

Greaves 3D Tire Equipment

Custom Products Available

Greaves 3D Set up equipment
Greaves 3D, Custom Equipment, Chassis Skate
Greaves 3D Pit Lane Boom
Greaves 3D Fuel Bowser and Fuel Rig

Greaves 3D Engineering Pit Equipment

Greaves 3D, Air Lift, high lift, Air Jack, Jack Stand, Safety Stand, Quick Jack
Greaves 3D Lemans Equipment

Designed from direct experience at the track, Greaves 3D now offers a full range of specific pit lane and garage equipment. With over 20 years of on track championship winning performance, the standards are second to none and it is reflected in the ingenuity and quality are reflected with every product that leaves the Greaves 3D shop.  Below is just a basic summary of the product catalog offered, if you can dream it we have or can make it. We also rent equipment for the 24 Hours of LeMans, contact us to find out more details!

Greaves 3D Pit Box Timing Stand