Pit Equipment Headquarters

Dino Paoli & Red Devil Wheel Guns

Greaves 3D Engineering

O: 704.500.2000

150 Ostwalt Amity Rd. | Bldg D-101

Troutman, NC 28166

24 Hours of LeMans. No more to be said, the special equipment needed can be endless, below is a sampling of our LeMans specific equipment. We also rent out equipment to outfit your paddock.

Greaves 3D, Chassis Skate, Lemans Garage Skate, Air Jake Roller

Rental Equipment

  • Stainless steel bottle stands holds up to four cylinders and has a remote regulator mount.
  • The integrated gun and lance docking station is designed to work perfectly with all Paoli products, and the soft shell cover has a water resistant finish with a regulator viewing window.
  • 360 degree boom mounting adaptor kit
  • LeMans fuel cage adaptor to hold fuel tank allows for tank height adjustment.
LeMans Pit Equipment Rental

Greaves 3D LeMans Specific Equipment

Pit Box Equipment

Chassis Skates

Greaves 3D, Bottle Stand, Fuel tank Riser, Boom Adaptor
  • Custom tailored to each chassis​
  • 3 360° casters per skate
  • Integrated Handle
  • Plastic guides to prevent damage to air jack body
LeMans Pit Equipment Rental

Rental equipment includes but is not limited to the following, contact us for more details!

  • 360° Boom
  • Fuel Tank Surround
  • Garage Flooring
  • External Lighting
  • Tire Heaters
  • Fuel Tank Risers
  • If you need it at LeMans, just ask!