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A driver is only as good as their car, the car is only as good as the pit crew, and the pit crew is only as good as their tools. When you purchase pit equipment from United Race Parts, you know you’re getting the best equipment that will keep your driver moving with as little downtime as possible.

As a new, modern company, we specialize in offering modern, up-to-date pit equipment for crews of varying sizes and levels. We offer the full product lines from Dino Paoli SRL, Greaves 3D Engineering, Grand Design Systems UK, and CES Europe LTD. Keep reading for a more detailed look at some of our products, or browse the pages linked below.

Dino Paoli SRL

In the United States, United Race Parts is the only certified service and warranty center in the country. We can perform everything from basic services to complete rebuilds. You can test or rent Paoli wheel guns from us, and we also offer a used inventory to fit your budget.

We also offer Paoli air lines in a variety of sizes and lengths. We can also custom-make lines to your exact specifications for length and hose ends. We have Paoli regulators as well as titanium, steel, and aluminum Paoli sockets in stock and custom sizes.

Greaves 3D Engineering

Greaves 3D Engineering has over 20 years of on-track performance, and their pit equipment product catalog includes pit boxes, refueling rigs, tire equipment, and lifts, stands, and jacks. We can rent Greaves 3D equipment and create custom products if necessary.

We also stock regulators from Greaves 3D at various price points.

Grand Design Systems UK

Grand Design Systems creates some of the best seamless garage systems available. Whether you want to rent a standard system or have one customized specially for your team, contact United Race Parts today.

Visit our contact page to send us a message, or call our office at +1.704.508.1667 to learn more about our available pit equipment.

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