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Paoli Wheel Guns
Paoli Red Devil
Paoli Red Devil

The Red Devil 2.0 is designed from Paoli's motorsports heritage. The new Red Devil 2.0 expresses a well-established know-how: every component has been produced in Italy, valorizing the region's industrial experience and using elaborate, cutting edge, and extremely precise manufacturing techniques.

Specifically designed for NASCAR, the Red Devil 2.0 has been developed in order to give an extraordinary loosening power to the mechanic. Created to always supply maximum comfort during use, the Red Devil 2.0 offers great stability and extreme lightness thanks to the innovative and optimized hammer mechanism, the magnesium handle and the high-performance materials used.

Technological innovations, unique design, geometric smooth lines, details' elegance and harmonius size are an expression of the Red Devil 2.0's made in Italy style.

  • Built in Oiler
  • 14,500rpm at 150psi
  • 5.2lbs
  • Max Pressure 200psi
  • Whip Hose included

Paoli Red Devil

Paoli Red Devil Wheel Guns from United Race Parts