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Dino Paoli & Red Devil Wheel Guns

Greaves 3D Engineering, GDS Motorsports

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150 Ostwalt Amity Rd. | Bldg D-101

Troutman, NC 28166

  • Billet aluminium construction.
  • Mitutoyo digital protractor mount and locking
  • Adjustable rim flange position for any size of rim

Below is a sampling of equipment for re-fueling the car in the paddock and pit lane!

  • Integrated load cell and ball transfer unit. Compensation for loaded radius and to ensure wheel replicates the correct tyre contact patch
  • Integrated drop height gauges and carbon fibre tracking bars
  • Chassis mounted tracking bars
  • Front lifting and setup frame. The front racking bars are mounted on this frame flat pack for transport

Greaves 3D Refueling/Fuel Rigs

Greaves 3D Set-Up Equipment

Fuel Bowser

digital caster gauge, greaves 3d

Set-Up Wheels with Load Cells

Greaves 3D, Front Set Up Rack, Lifting Rack, Strings, Alingment, Load Cells, Set Up Wheels

Used to accurately pump fuel in and out of your car and or fuel rig, you can clean up your garage by eliminating dump bottles and improve your accuracy with the integrated scale.

  • Made from stainless steel and aluminium our fuel transfer bowser has a 100l capacity, a 30l per minute bi directional pump with automatic full tank pump shut off and is built with atex approved components
  • Mass and temperature display and speed controller
  • Dash 12 fuel lines – suitable for E20 and high octane fuels. Optional dry break fittings
  • Storage draw for fuel lines and charging cable
  • Integrated batter charger, emergency stop and automatic full tank audible alarm
  • Anti-static braked castors

Chassis Set-Up Bars

Greaves 3D, Front Set Up Rack, Lifting Rack, Strings, Alingment

Built with the quality and precision demanded by top teams, Greaves 3D offers and builds set up equipment based on first hand racing experience. All of our set up equipment offerings can be custom tailored to your chassis.

Wheel Mounted Tracking bars

Wheel Mount Tracking Bars

Adjustable Digital Caster Gauge

Greaves 3D, Front Set Up Rack, Lifting Rack, Strings, Alingment, Load Cells, Set Up Wheels
  • Custom wheel adaptors
  • No tooling required to fit the tracking system
  • Interchangeable adaptors for different chassis
  • Measured with rules mounted on the bars
  • Self-contained tracking string tension and locking mechanism
  • Aluminium construction
  • Compensation for track width
  • Push fit onto the stub axle/wheel centre
  • Integral rule
  • Put fit onto rim central hole
  • No bodywork required to be removed to check toe
  • Toe in and out engraved on bars for ease of use
Chassis Set Up Bars
  • Aluminium and stainless steel construction
  • Flat packs for transporting
  • The front and rear bar align with the axle centreline
  • Compensation for rideheight adjustment integrated into the design
  • Self-contained tracking string with the capability to tension and lock the tracking tracking
  • The front and rear bars are mounted onto the chassis for repeatability.
  • Minimal bodywork removal required