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Greaves 3D Engineering

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150 Ostwalt Amity Rd. | Bldg D-101

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Tire Trollies

  • Our wheel baths have an aluminium framework and stainless steel bath.
  • The bath is design to accommodate a range of tire sizes as well as bare rims
  • Wheel rollers for ease of use
  • Integrated rubber and debris filter
  • Integrated hose reel.

Greaves 3D Tire Equipment

Greaves 3D offer a range of tire heaters. The vertical tire oven utilises trollies that are wheeled into the oven.

  • Hot air is fed through the centre of the rims ensuring both the rim and tire are heated evenly
  • Stainless steel framework, flat packs for transportation
  • Individual compartments to avoid loss of heat
  • Ventilation flaps on the side of the cover
  • Temperature measurement access central zip
  • Direct and indirect space heaters available

Tire Heaters 

Greaves 3d Wheel Trolley
  • Stainless steel tire trollies. Various positions to allow transport of rims as well as fitted units
  • Vertical tire trollies – suitable for use with tyre ovens
  • Optional company logo
  • Custom length poles and flat packs for transport.
Greaves 3d Wheel Trolley

Greaves 3D Refueling/Fuel Rigs

  • Improves speed and efficiency of tire cleaning
  • Tire scraper holder
  • Pedal to assist in tire rotation
  • Improved ergonomics
  • A must have for TS-03 Users
Greaves 3d, tire scraper, tyre scraper, TS03, heat gun
Greaves 3d wheel bath
Greaves 3d, Tire heater, tire oven, rim heater

Used to accurately pump fuel in and out of your car and or fuel rig, you can clean up your garage by eliminating dump bottles and improve your accuracy with the integrated scale.

  • Made from stainless steel and aluminium our fuel transfer bowser has a 100l capacity, a 30l per minute bi directional pump with automatic full tank pump shut off and is built with atex approved components
  • Mass and temperature display and speed controller
  • Dash 12 fuel lines – suitable for E20 and high octane fuels. Optional dry break fittings
  • Storage draw for fuel lines and charging cable
  • Integrated batter charger, emergency stop and automatic full tank audible alarm
  • Anti-static braked castors

TS-03 Tire Scraper 

Tire Scraper Station

Fuel Bowser

Below is a sampling of equipment for re-fueling the car in the paddock and pit lane!

Greaves 3d, Tire heater, tire oven, rim heater

Developed around Greaves 3D successful race program, our easy to use tire equipment is developed to improve your on track performance

Greaves 3d, tire scraper, tyre scraper, TS03, heat gun

Wheel Bath

  • Our tire scrapers have been design and tested by tire technicians
  • With a moulded handle for user comfort, the integrated heat gun has variable temperature and fan speed
  • 2000W output – 100 to 600 degree temperature range
  • 300-600l/min maximum airflow
  • Avoid damaging tyre compound by using unsuitable tools and/or excessive temperature
  • Removes pick and debris with ease leaving a smooth undamaged surface
  • Adjustable handle and blade position to suit the user
  • Ergonomically design to increase productivity